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Chicago Wolves January 2005
These pictures were taken during the grand opening of the Chicago Wolves practice facility in Hoffman Estates in January, 2005. The organizers expected about 1,000 people but I think they got about 5 times that. The other guy in these shots is Jason Crome; owner and benevolent operator of the webserver I'm cramming full of my stuff.

P1010003.jpg (162kb) P1010001.jpg (203kb) P1010002.jpg (223kb) P1010004.jpg (189kb) P1010005.jpg (148kb)
P1010006.jpg (181kb) P1010007.jpg (185kb) P1010008.jpg (130kb) P1010009.jpg (136kb) P1010010.jpg (166kb)
P1010011.jpg (126kb) P1010012.jpg (139kb) P1010013.jpg (120kb) P1010014.jpg (164kb) P1010015.jpg (135kb)
P1010016.jpg (146kb) P1010017.jpg (167kb) P1010018.jpg (138kb) P1010019.jpg (140kb) P1010020.jpg (156kb)
P1010021.jpg (177kb) P1010022.jpg (142kb) P1010023.jpg (125kb) P1010024.jpg (142kb) P1010025.jpg (161kb)
P1010026.jpg (170kb) P1010027.jpg (117kb) P1010028.jpg (121kb) P1010029.jpg (189kb) P1010030.jpg (175kb)
P1010031.jpg (114kb) P1010032.jpg (187kb) P1010033.jpg (183kb) P1010034.jpg (122kb) P1010035.jpg (119kb)
P1010036.jpg (148kb) P1010037.jpg (255kb) P1010038.jpg (264kb) P1010039.jpg (216kb) P1010040.jpg (240kb)
P1010041.jpg (208kb) P1010042.jpg (220kb) P1010043.jpg (191kb)    

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