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Burnham Harbor Cleanup Dive
These pictures were taken during the fifth annual Burnham Harbor Cleanup dive in Lake Michigan just East of Soldiers Field in Chicago. Every year a group of volunteer divers canvass the bottom near the docks to try to remove as much trash as possible. The neatest things I found were a fishing pole, 2 boat brushes and a bucket but you can see some of the other interesting items in the shots below.

Battery recovery.JPG


Dave's find.JPG

dive markers.JPG

Goose's Scuba group.JPG

Nemo's Throne.JPG


Terminal to old Meigs Field



Old Meigs field tower


Harbor Master's tower (now a diner)


Soldier Field

Notice the DirectTV antennas?

Shedd Aquarium

Burnham Harbor Yacht Club


Soldier Field

Harbor mouth

Red Witch

Soldier Field



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