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Palm Springs Spring 2005

Mountain from hotel (215kb) Hotel view (192kb) Hotel view 3 (363kb) Hotel room (167kb) Hotel room 2 (119kb)
Hotel view 4 (293kb) Hotel view 5 (155kb) Hotel room (284kb) Fish1 (81kb) Fish2 (123kb)
Fish3 (119kb) Fish4 (122kb) Fish5 (82kb) Fish6 (185kb) Fish7 (146kb)
Fish8 (92kb) Fish9 (92kb) Fish10 (137kb) Fish11 (126kb) Fish12 (162kb)
Fish13 (92kb) Fish14 (97kb) Fish15 (68kb) Fish16 (114kb) Fish17 (91kb)
Fish18 (85kb) Fish19 (109kb) Fish20 (129kb) Fish21 (109kb) Pond (281kb)
Pond2 (194kb) Cacti (177kb) Odd plant (189kb) Cactus (260kb) Fountain (253kb)
Hotel rear (163kb) Coyote (254kb) Pond2 (131kb) Odd plant 2 (391kb) Snowcaps (186kb)
Cacti 2 (325kb) Orange tree 1 (363kb) Orange tree 2 (380kb) Front of hotel (336kb) Front of hotel 2 (339kb)
Flowers (375kb) Flowers 2 (433kb) Flowers 3 (458kb) Dragonfly (251kb) Dragonfly2 (253kb)
Fishing bird (287kb) Fishing bird 2 (287kb) Fishing bird 3 (276kb) Pond with waterfall (257kb) Orange tree over pond (303kb)
Fishing bird 3 (375kb) Wildflowers (434kb) Flowers 4 (483kb) Landscape (283kb) Mountains (233kb)
Pottery (243kb) Odd tree (231kb) Aggressive bird (236kb) Planters (330kb) Fishing bird 4 (390kb)
Fishing bird 5 (401kb) Flowers (446kb) Fish (67kb) Fish2 (61kb) Fish 3 (73kb)
Fish 4 (92kb) Fish 5 (154kb) Fish 6 (68kb) Fish 7 (127kb) Fish 8 (74kb)
Fish 9 (175kb) Fish 10 (117kb) Fish 11 (133kb) Fishing bird (352kb) Fountain (301kb)
Coyote 2 (212kb) Cacti (253kb)      
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