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Paris Pictures
These pictures were taken in Paris while I was on an international business seminar Spring 2000.

Arc du Triumph war memorial.JPG

Assembly Hall Paris.JPG

Champs Ellysses from Arc du Triumph.JPG

Champs d'Ellysses group shot.JPG

Church in Paris.JPG

Diana's Statue.JPG

Dome of Les Invalides.JPG

Eiffel Base.JPG

Eiffel Tower (2).JPG

Eiffel Tower Group Shot.JPG

Eiffel Tower from Arc du Triumph.JPG

Eiffel Tower.JPG

Emperor Octavian.JPG

Ferris Wheel on Condorde Square.JPG

Galleries Lafayette.JPG

Group shot in front of Eiffel tower.JPG

Les Invalides.JPG

Louvre (from bus).JPG

Marlin & Grant in Concorde Square.JPG

Marlin and Horus.JPG

Marlin in front of tower.JPG

Marlin on Eiffel Tower.JPG

Mike & Grant on Eiffel Tower.JPG

Mike in front of tower.JPG

Muse of Drama.JPG

Notre Dame (far).JPG

Notre Dame (left door).JPG

Notre Dame (main entrance).JPG

Notre Dame (right door).JPG

Notre Dame (spires1).JPG

Notre Dame (spires2).JPG

Notre Dame Fresco.JPG

Notre Dame Inside front.JPG

Notre Dame Inside rear.JPG

Notre Dame altar.JPG

Notre Dame rear gate.JPG

Notre Dame spire.JPG

Notre Dame window (2).JPG

Notre Dame window.JPG

Notre Dame wing.JPG

Obelisk in Condorde Square (2).JPG

Obelisk in Condorde Square.JPG

Paris Church.JPG

Paris Opera House (side).JPG

Paris Opera House (side2).JPG

Paris traffic.JPG

Ramsses II.JPG

Seine Cruise (1).JPG

Seine Cruise (2).JPG

Small arc near Louvre (2).JPG

Small arc near Louvre.JPG

Small arch near Louvre.JPG


Tower Lights.JPG

Venus d' Milo (rear).JPG

Venus d'Milo (front).JPG

Wing of Louvre.JPG

Winged Victory.JPG
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